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Another service we offer is high quality, professional graphic design at affordable prices. Start up business packages and corporate branding are our specialties, but we are able to provide a suitable solution to any request.

Professional Logo Design and Branding

Your logo is how your business is recognized in the marketplace. It is the most important element of your brand, so obtaining a professional job is very important overall.

A logo is generally used on all marketing material, stationery, business correspondence, and of course your website. Wherever Clients and also potential Clients look they should see your brand, so it stands to reason that it needs to be clear and it needs to be memorable.
We believe it is important for our clients to have a logo that sets a trustworthy image they can identify with, and which also promotes what their company is all about. With our professional logo design service you not only get quality work, you also get a selection of concept designs so you have the final say in the look and development of your corporate identity.
Clients form an opinion about a business in mere seconds and usually your logo is one of the first, if not only element they will see before they make this decision. Sloppy, rushed jobs just isn't good enough in the overall scheme of things, and we make sure yours is a cut above the rest, and some.

View Logo Examples Here>>>

Print Design & Stationery

Nothing makes a business look more credible than a professional image. Starting from the moment potential Clients view your first piece of advertising, to when they have become Clients and have finished dealing with your business for the first time and have (hopefully) just paid their invoice. A key element in all of your business dealings is your stationery.
Investing in professionally designed stationery will pay for itself in no time through increased sales and ultimately in revenue, while giving Clients a feel for your business. Whenever you hand out a business card at a networking event or to a partner/supplier, send a quote to a client or place printed material in an envelope to be sent on its' way, your stationery creates a lasting impression, and it should be a positive one. With unique and professional stationery, they'll not only remember you, but they'll know that you're someone they can trust and rely on.

Illustration Services

Illustration is often over-looked by businesses, especially the smaller sized operations. However, this is the exact reason why high-quality, professional illustrations can have such a huge impact for your business in the marketplace. Because illustration is such a niche skill that is rarely utilized within corporate marketing, it stands out from generic stock photography and blocks of text that are used in most marketing media, rather than blending in among everything else which is definitely not what you want.

An illustration can stand out like no other design element. They are eye-catching because of their high contrast, other-worldly nature, which will take your business to the next level.

They can create a unique and memorable marketing brand that people can identify as your "brand". Think of popular mascots like the Michelin Man, The Linux Penguin or our very own Louie the fly. These identities have become synonymous with their product and create an added tier of brand recognition.

Utilising a illustrated corporate mascot for your business, even simply a caricature of yourself, is a surefire way to get noticed and remembered. Everybody knows Dick Smith! He has created a multi-million dollar empire by putting his mug on his products, so that consumers have felt comforted by his friendly face peering from their jars of jam.
Could this work for you? If you have more of a face for radio, perhaps a corporate mascot would be more suitable? Contact us to brainstorm ideas on how illustration could help your brand.

Professional Signage | Design, Supply and Installation

Professional signage is very important to the branding, advertising, and possibly even the overall success of a business. It’s always terribly sad to see a business that clearly decided to opt out of professional signage, and just go with either something they have printed themselves on a basic home printer, or even something they decided to hand draw.

Now, there are exceptions to the rule, as they are a few instances where this kind of approach to a business sign works (i.e. a hipster thrift shop in an art district or a handmade soaps vendor at a festival - also companies going for a more retro feel have had success with the 'old' look).  

However, if you have any kind of storefront, then you should be settling for nothing less than professional signage. Creative Serum can provide quality design and production of all signage needs from Storefronts to Vehicles and beyond. Professional branding will make your business feel complete, and last for many years to come.

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